Recently, advanced technology used by CRA allows the Authorized Representative to download almost all income and certain deduction information for virtually error free tax preparation. Using online technology we are able to file taxes with your minimal involvement, condensed to two short sessions.

SESSION ONE (your involvement)

(Step 1 fill out Basic info) - (Step 2 Provide the Authorization) - (Step 3 Personal Interview)

We will... Our tax specialist will download all available information, analyze the data with special emphasizes on deductions, and follow up with full tax preparations. Then your tax return will be reviewed by quality assessment department, and the results will be communicated to you.

SESSION TWO (your involvement)

(Step 1 Review of your tax return and signing of required documents (T183))
(Step 2 Process of Wefile fee payments)

We will... Our administrator will review all the documentations, approve them, and file the tax return with CRA after receiving signature. In the future, we will help you retrieve your Notice of Assessment upon request and help you with interpretation of the results.

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